Frequently Asked Questions

Resume and LinkedIn Review

Resume and LinkedIn Review

  • How long will the entire process take?
    • We can move as quickly as you need at no extra charge. Since this package is a collaborative effort on both parties, we can produce final results as quickly as you want.
  • What do I do after I purchase this?
    • Send an email to me at marc(at)abetterinterview.com that includes your current resume and a few sample job descriptions of jobs that you would like to apply to.
  • What industries and professions do you write for?
    • Because of my unique background, I have hired or recruited in just about every industry there is. Not only do I stay on top of industry trends, I constantly interview various human resources professionals and hiring managers to understand what new attributes and trends they are looking for.
  • What if I don’t like the resume you create?
    • First, I am sure that won’t happen, but if it does, I will revise it until you are happy. The goal with this service is to create a resume that is “you”. That is why I do not use any templates of any kind because everyone is different and deserves a customized resume.
  • Do you write cover letters?
    • Yes! Cover letters are done “a la carte”. If you are interested in one, just send me an email and we can discuss.
  • Why should I pick you to work on my resume?
    • I am dually trained as a headhunter and corporate human resources recruiter. I have hired thousands of people and have interviewed even more. I have seen just about every type of resume there is. I truly believe that you should not have to overpay for a resume and I want to make sure that you are able to beat out your competition because you deserve it! Take a look below at the bottom of this page for some of the testimonials that I have received.
  • Why do you only have one package and a not multi-tiered service?
    • Every resume I work on receives equal attention. Just because you have more experience than someone else does not mean you should have to pay more. Resumes should only represent 10-12 years of your past experience. One price for all. That’s what’s fair!
  • What format(s) do I get my resume in?
    • Your resume will be emailed to you in a MS Word document upon completion. If you would like your resume in a PDF or ASCII format, just ask.
  • Can you review my resume before I have to pay?
    • Of course! It is possible that your resume is already in good shape and you do not need this service. Just reach out to me.

Mock Interview

Mock Interview

  • What is a mock interview?
    • A mock interview is a practice interview before the real thing. You’ll be better off making your mistakes with me and perfecting your answers and strategy versus going at it alone.
  • Will you cut me off at an hour?
    • Absolutely not! If I feel that we are in a good groove, I will not stop the interview abruptly. It’s more important to me that you learn and grow instead of sticking to one hour.
  • What kind of questions will you ask me? 
    • First, I will ask you which questions you want me to focus on and we will cover those first. There are three areas that I will focus on; general, tricky and behavioral interview questions. In our practice, you will not be memorizing answers. Instead, we will focus on creating an overall interviewing strategy for you. By learning proper interviewing strategies and techniques, the answers will come naturally to you which will enable you to have a more flowing conversation with the interviewer.
  • What if you are too far away from me to meet you in person?
    • Not a problem! Most of my mock interviews are on the phone and Skype. I can make it work wherever you are.
  • What industries and professions do you conduct mock interviews for? 
    • As a former headhunter and corporate recruiter, I have recruited into almost every industry and profession there is. However, I do not put an emphasis on interview questions from particular industries or professions. What I mean by this is that I can not question you on the technical aspects of your job; either you know how to do your job or not.
  • How do I know if I need a mock interview session?
    • Feel free to send me an email at marc(at)abetterinterview.com. We can schedule a time to talk at your convenience. Also, you may need a mock interview session if you are getting a lot of interview requests, but no employment offers.

Recruiting Concierge

Recruiting Concierge

  • What is the recruiting concierge?
    • Simple! I know you are too busy to do job searching on your own, so let me do it for you. I will search the entire internet for jobs specifically for you!
  • How many jobs will find for me?
    • This depends on many variables; how many miles are you willing to commute, what industry are you in, what’s your profession, etc. I will find as many jobs as possible; sometimes it will 20 per day and on other days 2.
  • When will you find the jobs? 
    • Jobs searching happens on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. It is important to note that there are many variables in job searching. For example, if you have a very narrow geographical distance and a niche job, there may not be as many jobs available as may seem. This means you may not receive three emails per week. This doesn’t mean searching isn’t happening on your behalf, it simply means there were no results.
  • How will you send them to me?
    • All jobs will be sent to you via email and will be in an easy bullet format. Each bullet will contain the application link to a particular job.
  • How do you find the jobs? 
    • As a former headhunter and corporate recruiter, I was trained on all searching techniques. I will use a lot of custom boolean search strings to find rare and uncommon jobs as well as searching Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, LinkUp, SimplyHired, Dice and US.jobs. In addition to these mediums, I will also search niche websites for your particular profession.
  • When can I stop this service?
    • You are free to stop the service at any point in time without any fees. It can be as long or as short as you like.


  • Is this site secure when paying?
    • We only accept payments through PayPal, therefore we never actually see your confidential payment information.
  • Where are these testimonials?

Marc is incredibly insightful, engaging and game changer of the recruitment industry. I highly recommend Marc.

Constance W – New Jersey   

A Better Interview is the best thing that happened to my job search. I was hesitant at first since I was sending resumes out and not even getting any interviews. After having my resume reviewed and integrating those key words I was lacking, it really helped. The mock interview service helped give me the confidence to get through my interview and feel better prepared with my ‘must-have’ checklists. I landed the job and am looking forward to starting my new career thanks to A Better Interview.

Jess D. – California   

I never thought I needed interview practice, but when going from a part time job to a full time career I wasn’t getting any responses. When I saw my dream career opportunity I was hesitant to apply. I knew my resume had good information, but I couldn’t figure out how to SELL myself. That’s why I reached out to A Better Interview for help. They helped me rework my resume and coached me before each interview and I got the job! Couldn’t have done it without their help.

Jay P. – New Jersey   

It gives me great pleasure to recommend A Better Interview. I can say that I would not be where I am today were it not for A Better Interview. They took the time to respond to my concerns and made me comfortable with the interview process, and answered all my questions. They are an example of the highest standard that all companies should aspire to.

Kevin W. – New York   

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Marc. After five years at the same company, my interviewing skills had become somewhat rusty and I quickly became discouraged in my job search as I would make it really far in the interview process at a company, only to lose the job to “someone with more experience.” That all turned around when I started working with Marc.

The A Better Interview website was very helpful, with many insightful articles, however, it was my one-one one interaction with Marc that I feel made the biggest difference. He brought a clear and experienced view to questions or concerns I had about how an interview went and the process I should expect, and there was always an innovative or creative approach in how to answer interview questions that would set me apart from the crowd. After getting so many helpful answers to my random questions on chat, I decided to go for the mock interview, which with his 2+ hours of expertise, proved to be the golden ticket to my dream job.

He was not just a career coach but a friend who truly wanted me to succeed in my job search, interview, negotiation and new career and was willing to spend all night on the phone if I felt I needed it. He truly cares about his clients and has an overwhelming excitement for what he does which really shows through and translates into an amazing service.

Jessica B. – North Carolina   

What a great help abetterinterview.com has been for me! They really took the time to help me organize my resume, as well as offer advice on how to look for a job. They offered creative thoughts, which provided me a different direction that I had never been given before. After reworking my resume and organizing my goals, abetterinterview.com really has me moving in a positive direction!

Lisa P. – Connecticut   

A Better Interview could not have come at a better time in my job search efforts. Being an experienced, yet unemployed professional, was unsettling at best and very stressful at its worst. Marc’s service gave me the support I needed in updating both my resume and LinkedIn profile. I will continue to give A Better Interview my referrals and would recommend giving his services as a gift to others in need of a confidence and job search boost.

Cherie C. – Illinois   

If you’re looking for a perfect resume or the best advice on how to master an interview, A Better Interview is your best choice. I’m really grateful I found them. They not only rephrased my resume by adding those powerful key words, making it a hitter its never been before, but also taught me easy tricks during the Mock Interview on how to make interviewing fun. They were fast, efficient, friendly and very professional. I know I have a much better chance to relocate to the US now.

Gabriella T. from Hungary   

I hired ‘A Better Interview’ to update my resume and he not only updated the format and structure but was able to make it more deliberate, precise, condensed and clearly read! These guys are great and highly recommended. thanks guys!

Mark F. – New Jersey   

Marc was a pleasure to work with. He was always willing to offer his assistance in all aspects of my job hunt including interview preparation and resume writing. He was also punctual at each step of the process which was a tremendous help. If you’re stuck in a rut and looking to advance in your career, I recommend you email Marc as soon as possible.

Afriyie A. – New Jersey