Recruiting Concierge

Recruiting Concierge

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to search for jobs? When you do search do you only find 2 relevant jobs? Save yourself hours every day by utilizing our Recruiting Concierge service. Our job searching professionals come from the HR profession and know how to search all the major job boards as well as using Boolean job searching techniques.

What Is Recruiting Concierge Exactly?

When you use this service, you will receive job apply links directly to your inbox three times a week. That means when you come home from a full day in the office or finish running the errands for the day, you do not need to spend countless hours searching online for jobs to apply too, we’ll do it for you! All you have to do is open your email and find a personalized list of jobs for you. Simply click open the jobs, apply and you are done for the night! What gets easier than that?

Why Should I Use The Recruiting Concierge?

You may be saying, “I already have job alerts set up and automatic searches with the major job boards.” If you do then that’s great! Have you noticed though that when you receive those “alerts” and “automatic emails” there are still hundreds of jobs? This is because all of these sites are automated! There is no human interaction.

The Recruiting Concierge is completed by a real human thus giving you a more tailored job search result. Take the guesswork out of job searching and allow us to give you that extra edge.

What we need from you:

  1. A copy of your resume. (Word document)
  2. Information on your career aspirations (Job title, industry, etc…)
  3. Location preference
  4. Any other information you feel would be relevant

The Recruiting Concierge service will send you emails to the address you designate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday containing jobs relevant to the information you send us. Included in this email will be job application links from various sources such as blogs, job boards, professional networking sites, social media, newspapers and executive recruiters.

Please note that this service is only for individuals residing in the United States in addition to people looking to relocate to the United States.

Price – $9.95 Per Week

Unsure still? That’s okay. Check out the F.A.Q.’s.

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**Disclaimer** You may unsubscribe at any time. Your subscription will continue until the day of the week when you originally signed up. While we are experts in the job searching field and are confident in our abilities, the volume of results is dependent on the job you are applying for and your location. Certain professional fields have limited availability, therefore we will make every effort to source jobs that fit your career goals.